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With the Skylight AR platform you have more flexibility to choose the right device and optimal user experience for each hands-on task. Build applications once and easily deploy, secure and maintain your AR experiences across all devices, including smart glasses, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and Microsoft HoloLens.




  • Skylight Application Builder
  • Skylight SDK
  • Skylight Web

Supported Hardware


Shown prices are derived from the Upskill website (,

  • Products:
    • Skylight Core: $2500/mo (= 25 users)
    • Skylight Enterprise: Decided upon contact
  • AR Path:
    • Skylight Explorer: $10000/60days
    • Skylight Explorer+: $15000/60days
    • Skylight Pilot: Decided upon contact
    • Skylight Partner POC/Pilot: Decided upon contact

Special Features

Skylight is supported by most major devices and consists of several different platforms including a simplified application builder, an SDK, a web application and several integrated applications.

Skylight allows users to:

  • Find information about specific objects using voice-commands.
  • Receive instructions from remote users using annotations.
  • Record and store video footage and task progress.

Development Process

Upskill provides the option to apply for an AR development and integration program where they guide and support companies during the creation and use of the Skylight integrated systems.

To acquire access to the Skylight SDK, it is required to contact Upskill or get one of the offers mentioned above.