Ubimax Frontline

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Ubimax Frontline is a fully integrated Productivity Solution Suite. It improves work efficiency and simplifies processes for 80% of today’s workforce – those who work outside of the office and away from desks.

Website: https://www.ubimax.com/



  • Ubimax Frontline license
  • Frontline Creator (drag & drop elements + coding)

Supported Hardware


Prices are decided upon contact with Ubimax.

Special Features

Ubimax Frontline consists of four core solutions:

  • xPick: Covers tracking incoming and outgoing goods inside of a factory storage and sorting these goods to manage the storage inventory more efficiently. 
  • xMake: Covers the assembly, quality assurance and inspection of products created in the workplace.
  • xInspect: Service, maintenance and inspection of issues with products in the workplace.
  • xAssist: Remote support and audio/video  calls inside Augmented Reality for team collaboration and discussion.

Development Process

When FrontLine Creator is opened, users can drag different elements to create the workflow of the AR applications. If required, additional code can be inserted to provide more custom behavior.

End User Experience

Users simply look at their own personal QR code to authenticate the application and continue with the process or task that they were working on. The AR visualization tells them where to find certain items, how to sort them and how to assemble them.