TeamViewer Pilot

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Enhance your remote support with augmented reality


Teamviewer Pilot is a remote support application for iOS and Android. A technician can draw arrows and lines on the screen of a users smartphone or tablet, hereby guiding him during a process.





  • Teamviewer Pilot license (Trial licenses available)
  • Teamviewer pilot application on laptop.
  • Internet connection

Supported Hardware

End user

  • TeamViewer Pilot application (free)
  • Internet Connection


Shown prices are derived from TeamViewer website (

  • 1 technician license: €24/mo (From 2 technicians onwards, discounts apply)

Special Features

The application is very straightforward, in 15 minutes you can discover all the functions it has. The remote technician and the end user can use arrows and lines that are anchored in space.

Development Process

There is no real development. The user has to provide you with his user ID and once you filled this in you’re connected.

End User Experience

The user just opens the teamviewer pilot app, searches his ID and gives this to the remote technician. Then the user can see what the technician draws on his screen and can speak with the technician at the same time. The user can also draw on the screen to further explain the issue.


A very useful and simple application. In our opinion there is one large drawback. The technician cannot pause the screen to make drawings (the user can). This is sometimes inconvenient as when the user moves it is hard to draw for the technician.