Remote Assistance Tested Solutions

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  • Good Wi-Fi connection in the factory
  • Devices with a camera (smartphones, tablets, smartglasses)
  • Software license (per user => device)


Communication: Smartphone <=> Tablet

  • Android application (free)
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio can be shared optionally
  • Pointer on remote screen

Application unstable, a lot of delay on screen

Inkwire Application Screenshots
Inkwire Test Video


Communication: Smartglasses <=> Browser

  • Iristick Application
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio is automatically shared
  • No annotations are supported

Limited software functionality

Wizzeye and Iristick Screenshots
Wizzeye Test Video

Vuzix Remote Assist

Communication: Smartglasses <=> Tablet

  • Vuzix application
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio is optionally shared
  • Annotations on glasses through tablet
  • Screen freezes for comments

Screen freezes has too long duration (15s)

Vuzix Application Screenshots
Vuzix Testing Video

TeamViewer Pilot

Communication: Smartphone/glasses <=> Tablet

  • Application for multiple devices
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio is optionally shared
  • Annotations on both screens
  • Screen freezes for commentary

Good results, lots of functionality and fast

TeamViewer Application Screenshots and used glasses (Vuzix)
TeamViewer Testing Video

Passerelle Remote Support

Communication: Smartphone/glasses <=> Tablet/PC

  • Browser and tablet/smartphone application
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio is optionally shared
  • Annotations on both frozen and moving screen
  • Pointer is available
  • Request support through mail or text
Passerelle Application Screenshots

Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Communication: Smartphone/glasses <=>Tablet/PC

  • Teams application on PC/mobile
  • Remote Assist app for Hololens and some smartphones/tablets
  • Screenshare over Wi-Fi
  • Audio can be optionally shared
  • Annotations on frozen screen
  • Request support by calling a contact person (only internal)
Mirosoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Screenshots


SmartglassCameraApplications tested Feedback testSolutions tested
Vuzix M40012.8 MP for pictures, 4K video.
  • Audio
  • Image Quality
  • Annotations
  • If Teams is used, the screen can be followed by other experts
  • Bluetooth for audio
Iristick Z15MP central camera (full hd), 5MP with 5x zoom camera at the side (720p)
  • Zoom
  • Stability
  • Audio
  • Complex to wear
  • Image quality
    Microsoft Hololens & Hololens 2 Mixed Reality
    • Image quality
    • Annotations
    • Audio
    • Wearability
      • Hololens 2 is more ergnomic
      Realwear HMT-1 16MP with image stabilised, 1080p for video
      • Image quality
      • Annotations
      • Audio