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Make your procedures, work instructions and inspections paperless and mobile.


Proceedix is a simple software to create digital work instructions that can be visualized on android & IOS devices and smart glasses.





  • Proceedix license (trial available upon request)
  • Web application based programming, no install needed.
  • Pictures/videos/instructions about the process you want to teach
  • Programming is self-explanatory

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Proceedix application
  • Proceedix user account
  • Any type of smart glass, tablet or phone. One application can be used on all device types.


The following prices are derived from the Proceedix website

  • Team: €625/mo (15 users, €42/user)
  • Premium: €1250/mo (35 users, €36/user)
  • Enterprise: Price decided upon contact

Special features

Different case selection feasible through scanning QR codes. Very simple interface for making work instructions that can be quickly self-taught.     

Development process

You browse to and login to your account. Then you can start a new ‘procedure’. Every procedure consists of ‘tasks’ and ‘processes’. These consist on their turn of ‘cards’. The cards can be either infromative like: text, text with an image, videos, pdf files… Or they can be of the input type: Text, numbers, pictures…

After creation of your procedure using these cards you publish it and the procedure becomes visible for all users that you granted access to the procedure. When a couple of procedures have been performed you can request some statistical data.

End user experience

At the start of the process the user has to scan a QR code to start the correct set of instructions. The user sees the cards with the info the developer put on them. By clicking a button the user can go to the next card. At every card there is the possibility for the user to leave a not or remark.


This is actually more general digital work instructions software then AR software. It’s a good software to display work instructions but it is not meant for interaction with the environment other than through scanners and dedicated hardware. In general if the task is relatively simple this software is recommended as it is really basic and does not include a lot of fancy features you won’t be using anyway.