Viscopic Pins

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Leave the guidance to our software. With VISCOPIC Pins you can easily and quickly create industrial Augmented Reality content yourself for devices like the Microsoft HoloLens, Smartphones or Tablets – with no need for programming skills.


Viscopic Pins is a software that allows you to upload a 3D model. You can then place ‘pins’ with information on this model. For each ‘pin’ a QR code is generated and this QR code has to put on the real life product. Once you look at this QR code you see the information pop up. Information can take the form of pictures, text, videos and holograms.





  • Viscopic Pins license (30 day Trial available upon request)
  • Install application
  • 3D CAD files
  • Standard printer to print the QR codes

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Viscopic pins viewer application (free)


Workshop and test trials can be booked by interested companies upon contact. 

  • €10-70 / mo (per viewer)

Special Features

The software is quite basic. No special features to mention.

Development Process

You download the software using the link that comes with your license. After installation you import a CAD model. You place some pins on your CAD model. You add some information to each pin. Finally you print the generated QR codes and place them on the object.

End User Experience

By just looking at the QR codes when wearing the hololens, the information pops up.


This software is clearly still under development. It is really basic which is at the same time and advantage and disadvantage. Learning to work with it is quite easy but the amount of possibilities is rather limited.