PTC Vuforia Expert Capture

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Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to create powerful, location-specific augmented reality guidance for frontline workers. Rapidly capture high value procedures from the expert’s point-of-view, without any pre-existing content needed. And multiply that expertise with location-based, hands-free guidance that boosts the effectiveness of your operators and technicians.




Supported Hardware


Prices are decided upon contact with Vuforia.

Special Features

Vuforia Expert Capture does not require a remote user to annotate and instantiate models from a remote user, but instead allows the creation of annotations and assets through the use of Augmented Reality as well.

Development Process

No programming is required for the use of Vuforia Expert Capture since all annotations and instructions are created within a seperate AR application called Vuforia Create.

End User Experience

The end user can create instructions and annotations using Vuforia Create and explore them in Vuforia View. Users can scan the environment for a specific artifact to provide additional context on top of this artifact.