Holo Light

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Holo-Light provides industrial Augmented Reality solutions with focus on engineering, manufacturing and automotive.

Website: https://www.holo-light.com/



  • Holo Light license

Supported Hardware


  • 1 license: €3500 / mo

Special Features

There are three main products provided by Holo Light:

  1. Holo-View
  2. Holo-Stylus
  3. Holo-Simulate

Holo-View enables the visualization of 3D CAD models and helps engineers to improve the prototyping process. Visualize large 3D CAD models in Augmented Reality, work with assembly groups and start a shared experience with others.

Holo-Stylus is a cross-platform input device, that results from our own tracking method based on Artificial Intelligence which enables the highest level of precision. It is able to improve all sorts of AR applications and works as an enabler for some new use cases too.

With Holo-Simulate, simulation can be easily uploaded to your AR or VR device to view and analyze them in 3D. Use the gradient mode or select multiple time steps of your simulation to get full insight into possible weak spots. Select from a variety of features and modes to test your simulations.