Viumore Augmented Support

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Augmented Support lets you support smarter and more efficiently from a distance in real time.


Viumore Augmented Support allows you to set up support calls with one or more experts allowing you to get instructions on site.




  • Desktop / IOS / Android application
  • Augmented Support Account

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Desktop / IOS / Android application
  • Augmented Support Account


Prices are decided upon contact with Viu More. Trial license is available for 7 days.

Special Features

Augmented support has a mode where you can blend two video feeds onto each-other allowing you to show a hand movement on the video feed of the other person in the call. 

You can also initiate calls with more than one person. Allowing you to engage with more people on a particular problem.

Development (Expert) Process

The company admin has the ability to create users for the company and can store them in different groups. It is also possible to analyse calls and call history. 

To initiate a call between an expert and an end user it you simply go into your contacts and press the call button. When the other person accepts the call you can choose whether to talk face to face, share your screen, annotate, chat, share your camera, share a file or overlay two video streams at once (allowing you to for example show a hand gesture on top of a certain object)

End User Experience

The end user experience is very similar to the experience of the expert. With the exception he is unable to manage company details and analytics.


The software offers a wide range of features to remotely connect to experts from the field.

The Remote object visualization (the two video feeds blending into each other) is a fresh and unique feature, it however works best if the person who wants to add – for example – his hand to the other caller’s feed, uses a white background to do so to keep things clear.

Note: the application does not offer any AR capabilities, which means the annotations are not anchored to a surface / object.