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REFLEKT Remote allows companies to provide their customers with a remote support to significantly improve maintenance, repair and support processes as well as reducing onsite and travel costs for experts ./ Create step-by-step instructions and visualize product components as well as diagnostic data – without coding skills. By re-using 2D and 3D content, rich media and video, you can turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides – for Android, iOS, Windows and Microsoft Holo­lens.




  • Drag and drop of annotations and information
  • Implementation of custom solutions is provided by Re’flekt upon request.

Supported Hardware


The following prices are derived from the Reflekt website
Free 30-day trial is also available to try out.

  • 10 users (€250/mo)
  • 20 users (€420/mo)
  • 50 users (€830/mo)
  • For more users you will need to get an individual offer.

Special Features

Re’flekt focuses on the maintenance, operation and training aspects of Augmented Reality where a technician can be contacted remotely to guide users through the process of repairing or using devices.

Development Process

For the Starter and Standard bundles, Re’flekt mentions that after 60 days, your company will become AR-ready. In the Starter bundle you receive two months of full access to 2 viewer licences and authoring support, while with the Standard bundle you receive 1 author license and 5 viewer licenses.  With the Premium bundle, continuous integration will be provided and a six months full license access (Author and Viewer) will be included.

End User Experience

Inside the application, users are provided with the option to contact a technician that will be able to explain the process within the Augmented Reality visualization. The user will mostly receive instructions, however he can also indicate specific parts for further clarification.