Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide

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Learn by doing

Help employees learn new skills faster with Dynamics 365 Guides on HoloLens devices – no coding required.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide allows hololens users to create and or follow on site guides that can be anchored to the real world using image recognition or location alignment with CAD data. 




Supported Hardware

End user

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide License/account


Shown prices are derived from the Microsoft website (

  • €54,80 / mo (per user)

Special Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide allows users to quickly create step by step guides without the need for CAD data or programming knowledge. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide provides Guide Analytics allowing tracking of employees and their use of guide.

Development process

To start creating a new guide the developer (in this case called author) needs to install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guide app to a Windows 10 pc. When the license is activated they can login with their microsoft/company email and can either choose to create a new guide or modify a previous one. 

Upon creation a name is required. To be able to locate a guide in space there are currently two options. You either print out an image marker (recommended) and place it in the scene or you upload a 3D model which can be manually anchored to the real world.

From there on you can name the different steps for your guide and supply them with images, video’s, 3D models or items from the 3D toolkit (includes a range of different objects such as arrows, animations, hands, ect.)

Once the naming and the steps are defined you can jump onto your hololens, logging into your account wil automatically load up the different guides. Depending on your the settings on your account you an either operate (use a guide) or go into Author mode.

Author mode allows the user to drag and adjust the different objects into the workfield, allowing them to quickly and easily create a guide.

In addition to creation Guide also provides analytics, which allow you to monitor and analyse the usage of Guide and profiles on the guide application.

End User Experience

The end user experience is equal to the experience the author has. The user logs in on the hololens with their microsoft account and enters guide mode. The user can access all guides he is authorized to see. And can follow the predefined step by step instructions in a mixed reality experience.


The experience is very robust and easily configurable. The interface is clean and easy and does not require any experience in content creation. The tracking is robust, although implementation of Microsoft’s own spatial anchors might make this product even better.