Eon Reality

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Eon Reality provides AR/VR software packages for content creation, education and remote assistance. They have several different products using AR and VR solutions for several different use cases including: education, energy, medical/health, and etc. Their main system consists of the AVR Platform for Education & Enterprise to build, deploy and scale knowledge-transfer applications.

Website: https://www.eonreality.com/



  • Eon Reality SDK
  • Creator AVR
  • Virtual Trainer
  • AR Assist

Supported Hardware


Prices are decided upon contact with the Eon Reality company.

Special Features

Eon Reality provides a premiere suite for Education & Enterprise called “The AVR Platform”. This platform consists of Creator AVR, Virtual Trainer and AR Assist. These tools can be used to create lessons, train industry workforce and build tools for providing real-time contextual data, guidance and step-by-step instructions.

Development Process

Training sets can be created within the “Creator AVR” program which can be opened by end users to explore the different artifacts and components in AR/VR. A separate SDK is provided to build specific applications providing real-time contextual data, guidance and step-by-step instructions.

End User Experience

When end users have the Creator AVR application installed on their mobile device, they can instantly select different training sets belonging to many different sectors and fields. Applications developed using the Eon Reality SDK can be installed separately on the devices.