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ZapWorks offers brands and businesses an opportunity to share their purpose in new and exciting ways. Expand your packaging beyond its physical constraints. and make your product packaging work longer and smarter.




  • Drag & drop of elements in ZapWorks Designer (license needed)
  • More customizable environment creation within Zapworks Studio (license needed)

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Zappar application


Shown prices are derived from the ZapWorks website ( ).

  • Personal: ZapWorks designer license + ZapWorks Studio license 5 free experiences (each additional experience €1.50)
  • Business:
    • Basic Seat (€30/mo): Unlimited experiences, access to ZapWorks Designer, publish to the Zappar app, analytics with Zap-a-lytics.
    • Pro Seat (€85/mo): Basic seat + access to ZapWorks Studio and customization within Zappar app.
  • Education (€220/year): ZapWorks designer license + ZapWorks Studio license with unlimited experiences (each additional individual student license €2/year)

Special Features

Cloud-based AR which allows developers to customize all the behavior of the Zappar application depending on the code scanned by the user. Even with only the Designer license, a lot of visualizations and features are readily available.

Development Process

Simple drag and drop in the ZapWorks Designer application where models can be imported and visualized when the user scans the appropriate code. ZapWorks Studio allows developers to add additional custom behavior and visualize more advanced environments.

End User Experience

As soon as users open the Zappar app, they are requested to scan the code in the environment to get the desired behavior or visualized model. The models remain sticky on the tracked codes. Depending on the type of visualization, users can also interact with the visualization.


ZapWorks consists of one easy to use application for quick modeling and designing for marketing purposes (ZapWorks Designer), while still allowing more advanced customizations in the more advanced ZapWorks Studio.