Torch AR

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Build Web AR apps with Torch AR and share them on any mobile device—even Android.


Torch allows you to create AR experiences from your phone or tablet.




  • iPhone Device (Android application currently request (bèta))
  • Torch Account

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Torch Account
  • Viewer link*

The designer version of the app is currently free. If you want to deploy your applications as standalone app’s or use web AR you’d need a developer license instead of a designer license. 


Shown prices are derived from the Torch website (

  • Free (Designer version ; build test and share in the torch app)
  • Starting at $100 / month (Add AR to existing apps, android, web AR. Deploy standalone apps,…)

Special Features

Torch Develop offers web AR allowing you to create experiences that don’t require the installation of a native app. 

The ability to create experiences directly from your phone. The torch app can also connect to Dropbox, Sketchfab or your local files folder on your smartphone.

Development process

To start developing you simply download the Torch app and log in with your credentials. You can start a new project and add different scenes to it. To start within a scene you have to place an anchor point. (starting the app in view mode will require you set the anchor as well so it is recommended to place it in a convenient spot. 

You can easily load pictures from your camera roll/Dropbox/documents folder. And import your earlier created 3D models from Sketchfab. The app however does not (yet) have the option to create text so you need to prepare this in the form of an image. 

You can place, scale and rotate the different objects in your scene compared to your world anchor point. 

On the objects you can add different interactions. On selection, on gaze, etc. So you can for example add a button that will take you to the next scene when tapped. To publish with the free (designer) version you have to check view link in your settings which will generate a link for others to try out your experience. 

End User Experience

The user can either open a viewer link within their own Torch application or work with a native application developed in Torch Publish Develop. On the start of the application you will need to place the world anchor onto the right place in your AR space.

The user can easily interact with different objects to initiate actions or switch to different scenes.


Although Torch offers a few cool features and a seemingly simple user interface, it does not quite work as a robust software to create any guiding applications. Tracking is often poor and working/creating content is not as easy as expected during creation. (Tested on Torch AR Design iPhone Application)