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Easily deploy mobile augmented reality solutions to all consumer devices.




  • Augment web application with simple upload of 3d models

Supported Hardware

End User

  • Augment applications for different use cases


Shown prices are derived from the Augment website ( ). Free 14 day trial is available for business, ecommerce and education.

  • Business:
    • Essentials (€9/device/mo)
    • Professional (€25/device/mo)
    • Enterprise (€59/device/mo)
  • Ecommerce:
    • Small business (€89/domain)
    • Manufacturers (upon contact)
    • Retailers (upon contact)
  • Education
    • Student (€4/mo): Up to 2 devices
    • Classroom (€24/mo): Up to 50 devices
    • School (€120/mo): Up to 200 devices
    • Academy (€600/mo): Up to 5000 devices

Special Features

Using the different types of applications, users can explore the 3D models uploaded and created by other users. These models can be viewed in AR and in 3D.

Development process

Models can simply be uploaded or bought in the 3D vault to visualize in front of the users. Developers can simply take a picture of an object and link it to a 3D model to allow for image recognition and model visualization by users using the Augment applications.

End User Experience

Users simply open the Augment app, and they can start selecting models to visualize using the selected markers in the environment.


A quick and easy solution for allowing users to view at 3D models in AR by visualizing them on top of selected objects.