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Device Specifications

General Info 
Projection systemArkite
LocationBelgium, Genk
Company sizeSmall
Fixed/Configurable HardwareFixed hardware (except projector)
TechnologyProjector with Xbox kinect camera
Operator guidance
Field of view projectionDepends on the height, for 1,5 m of height almost a whole work table.
Type of projected mediaText, videos, images, annotations
Auditory cues possibleYes
Other devices includedNo
Quality control
Detection typesColour, 2 and 3D shape
In process detectionFeasible
Detection accuracyNot very high, cm precision
Operator inputVirtual buttons
Integration of ERP, MES,…Communication protocols: TCP/IP, etc.
Version controlBasic text instructions can be remotely updated, completely new steps should be taught.
Other devicesYes, TCP UDP possible
Initial set up
Physical positioningProjector and Arkite should be placed above the table at a height of min 1.5m
Calibration5 minutes
Continuous use
ProgrammingNo coding experience required, all in GUI
Teaching objects2 minutes, process involves taking a picture of object with the built in camera, Arkite detects detection criterium itself (Depth or color)
Adding instructionsDrag and drop text/picture/video
Web applicationNot available
Types of supportOn-site + remote support
Training1 day, on site
Investment cost10000-20000 euro depending on the setup and scale
Recurring costNo
Support contractsYes , depending on integrator (Arkite NV itself 4000€ from 8:00-18:00)