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Device Specifications

General Info 
Projection systemAnsomatic
LocationBelgium, Gent
Company sizeSmall
Fixed/Configurable HardwareConfigurable hardware
TechnologyProjector with 3D vision camera
Operator guidance
Field of view projectionDepends on the height, for 1,5 m of height almost a whole work table.
Type of projected mediaText, videos, images, annotations
Auditory cues possibleYes
Other devices includedDepends on customer demand
Quality control
Detection typesColour, 2 and 3D shape (depending on bought hardware)
In process detectionFeasible
Detection accuracyCan be very high, depending on configuration (customer chooses camera)
Operator inputBarcode, RFID, keyboard, PLC, etc.
Integration of ERP, MES,…SQL, SQP, ERP, MES
Version controlYes
Other devicesYes, connection possible
Initial set up
Physical positioningBased on hardware configuration
CalibrationBased on hardware configuration
Continuous use
ProgrammingAnsomatic is "configured"; the software is structured so that it is "self-explaining / self-learning"; if vision sensors or cameras are added, these must be configured a.h.v. the manufacturer's software
Teaching objectsVery quick
Adding instructionsVery quick, comparable with filling in an excel sheet
Web applicationWeb application for data analysis and modification
Types of supportOn-site + remote support
TrainingOn site training or at facility + integrated help
Investment costSoftware license starting at 3000 EUR, hardware cost depending on application
Recurring costNo
ModularityOne software version but hardware can be connected as required
Support contracts120 Euro / hour of remote support