Active assist Bosch

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Device Specifications

General Info 
Projection systemActive assist Bosch
LocationBelgium, Brussels
Company sizeBig
Fixed/Configurable HardwareFixed hardware
Technology3D vision and projector
Operator guidance
Field of view projection60cmx117.5cm
Type of projected mediaText, video, images, annotations
Auditory cues possibleNo
Other devices includedDifferent extra modules can be bought (Projector module, Handtracking module, Screwdriver control, Input unit push-button, Barcode scanner, Tool tracking, Pick-To-Light, RFID)
Quality control
Detection types2D and 3D vision & Ultrasound
In process detectionYes
Detection accuracyOnly hands are tracked
Operator inputConnected sensors, virtual buttons or real buttons
Integration of ERP, MES,…Communication with MES-/ERP systems via XML interface
Version controlNo
Other devicesYes by Modbus TCP, PNP switching
Initial set up
Physical positioningHalf a day
CalibrationCouple of minutes
Continuous use
ProgrammingSupposed to be easy
Teaching objectsNo objects are detected
Adding instructionsDrag and drop
Web applicationWeb application available
Types of supportIn person, email, phone
Training1-2 days
Investment cost10000 - 20000 euro
Recurring costNo
ModularityYou can choose between basic touchscreen, add projection system and add hand tracking
Support contractsSeveral available